After 8,593 miles, 3 months, 2 countries, 9 states,
14 CRAGs, and 222 pitches, we’re DONE!

3 Yrs. Later... Still Sluggin'


Although it’s been a while since this road trip went to pieces, we’re still here.

Willy Two Clips returned to Brooklyn, but still manages an impressive volume of draw hangin’ and boulder toppin’ trips to locales like Bishop, the New River Gorge, Ten Sleep, Rocklands, and Waterval Boven. Willy’s new training plan, where he sleeps 12 hours per night, allows him to eschew rest days entirely, and somehow climb his hardest V-grades the last day of a bouldering trip… After like seven consecutive days on in Bishop, he sent Disco Diva. In the words of an actual doctor Will recently met in Ten Sleep, “Yeah. He a freak!”

Munson moved to Seattle and after spending many years mercilessly making fun of trad climbing, learned how to place gear, and found that he actually enjoys it… Dr. Mintz still clips bolts, but above all, is working toward being a well-rounded climber (read: thoroughly average in all of climbing’s sub-disciplines). He also spends some of his free time volunteering to help others achieve their dreams of becoming thoroughly average rock climbers and backcountry skiers/splitboarders.

Shredski quit the cult of running and sometimes shows up on bouldering trips wearing jiveass apparel (see photos below). We don’t know what his goals are, but they involve numerous Excel spreadsheets and inhuman amounts of time on a Treadwall… Some people are into jug rash… And John is one of those people. We don’t kink shame at CRAGCATION, but we do judge. And we judge everyone training harder than us. Sorry, Shredski.

And let’s not forget the CRAGCATION mascot, Poohboy Q. He stopped sippin’ lean (although it’s legal in South Africa) and released Blank Face LP which many consider among 2016’s top five rap albums. We’re proud of him.

Oh, yeah… We still don’t know how to redpoint 5.13. Whatever. Maybe we’ll send Shut the Fuck Up next summer?

Just Like That


Cragcation ends the same way it began. Three buddies around a table, emptying an 18 pack of Bud Heavy late into the night… Only this time, I didn’t awake to a voicemail from my former landlord threatening a $2,135.00 lawsuit.